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Mcnall Named Supreme Court Law Library Trustee

LOCKPORT—Wm. Keith McNall, who became chairman of the Niagara County Legislature in January, added a new title today: law library trustee.

The news of McNall’s appointment came in a letter from the chief administrative judge of the New York State Unified Court System, naming the long-time public fixture to the board overseeing Niagara County’s Supreme Court Law Library.

Under state law, each county maintains a public law library, allowing citizens access to information on the laws of New York state. McNall served http://southbuffalonews.com8 years on the Lockport City School District’s Board of Education before becoming a county legislator nearly a decade ago.

“Ensuring our citizens and attorneys have full access to the law and the tools for fair representation before the courts is a vital, Constitutional obligation of our government,” McNall said Wednesday morning, after being informed of his appointment. “With New York’s huge number of laws, it’s critical that everyone has access—free access—to the most up-to-date copies of our laws and law books for every purpose, from school research to defending themselves against criminal charges.

The Niagara County Supreme Court Library is overseen by the board of trustees and 8th Judicial District Chief Administrative Judge Paula L. Feroleto.

McNall’s appointed term is through October 2, 20http://southbuffalonews.com7. The Niagara County law library is housed in the Niagara County Courthouse, http://southbuffalonews.com75 Hawley St., Lockport.


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