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Maziarz Case Expected to be Dismissed in November

Retired State Senator George D. Maziarz

Sources say that the New York State Attorney General’s prosecution of George Maziarz may wind up in a dismissal.

The reason: No crimes were committed.

The trial was supposed to commence in September. It has been adjourned. Sources familiar with the case said that expected testimony of prosecution witnesses unraveled when election law violations turned out not to be violations of law after all.

The case may now be dismissed.

A similar dismissal occurred with Mr. Maziarz’s senate successor Rob Ortt, whose felony indictment for election related matters was dismissed earlier this year.

A motion to dismiss is expected to be made shortly.

Mr. Maziarz has long claimed that the real criminals in the case were ignored in favor of him because of his high profile status.

Mr. Maziarz has said that several employees of his state senate staff stole from his campaign account.

Mr. Maziarz was offered several plea bargains but declined them, preferring to seek vindication at trial.

A decision on the dismissal is expected in November.

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