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Democrats in the city of Lockport elected new leaders last week when they met for their bi-annual reorganization meeting. Elected for the next two years were Roger Sherrie as Chair, Barbara Parker as First Vice-Chair, Marla Robison as Secretary, Kevin Watier as Treasurer and Anthony Sammarco as Sargent at Arms. Mullane was elected as Second Vice-Chair.

Sherrie headed a slate of endorsed Democratic candidates last year when he ran unsuccessfully for Lockport Mayor.

Roger L. Sherrie

Sherrie said, “We will focus efforts on informing and educating the public about the misuse and dangerous consequences when one party controls the Mayor’s office or the county legislature for nearly two decades.”

“Open and honest government suffers when one party unashamedly grabs onto power and is so blatantly aided by legal counsel and the media. The City Democratic Committee’s mission for the next two years is to recruit and elect candidates for office sworn to restoring a balance of power and a system of checks and balances that was established under the city’s charter more than 150 years ago,” said Sherrie.

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