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Legislator Gooch Resolution on Promoting Job Openings Passed by Niagara County Legislature

Niagara County Legislator Jesse Gooch

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Legislator Gooch said the goal is to encourage more applicants and promote transparency when there are job openings.


A resolution introduced by Legislator Jesse Gooch that would ensure the county’s job postings and civil service exams are advertised on the Niagara County website’s employment portal as well the jobs board at WorkSourceOne has been unanimously passed the Niagara County Legislature.

“I want any Niagara County resident who is looking for a job with the county to know where to check for job openings,” said Gooch. “My feeling is we haven’t had a consistent policy on posting all of our job opportunities and at times that has raised some questions. This will put an end to that, with the result hopefully being a bigger and more diverse applicant pool.”

Gooch said he believes getting Niagara County Employment and Training’s WorkSourceOne operation more involved in promoting county job opportunities was particularly important.

“Among its many functions, WorkSourceOne is on the front lines in providing all sorts of assistance to job seekers,” said Gooch. “Their Hot Jobs job board is a prime vehicle that those looking for employment turn to, as it is a free service where employers can post their openings. Making sure every county job is posted here creates another avenue for us to reach potential applicants. And it is ironic that the county was not always taking full advantage of its own resource.”

Gooch said this resolution represents the minimum the county needs to do to promote job openings and the county may still use other job advertising services, especially for hard to fill positions.

“I want to use the county’s communication vehicles to regularly promote to the community where to look for job opportunities,” said Gooch. “And remember, most of our positions require a Civil Service exam. So it’s important for people to regularly check these sites, understand the qualifications for jobs they may be interested in, get their application submitted and then take the exam so they have a chance at getting hired. WorkSourceOne can help with this as well.”


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