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Kenyon Announces Bid for Council: “I Am All In”

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By: Alicia Kenyon

I believe in you Niagara Falls.

I am all in. 

This is where my parents raised my brother and I. This is where my husband Eric and I are raising our daughter Finley Scarlett. Niagara Falls is home. 

I am committed to bettering this city along with you. I know we can do better. I want to be part of a leadership team that we can be proud of. I want to serve as an example of what young women and men can strive to become and hopefully exceed. 

I am the business executive of a very successful and wonderful company. I have a passion for policy, budgets and community. As a family, we enjoy volunteerism and teaching our daughter the importance of civic engagement. I believe in being kind, diplomatic and direct. I know the importance of professionalism. I want to use those skills for my home.



I believe in investing in neighborhoods, making common sense financial decisions, connecting people to real, specific employment opportunities and forming a plan for our future.

I would like us to start working with the community now, on next year’s decisions. We should demand a government that is proactive instead of reactive. Smart planning allows for better decisions and more favorable outcomes. I believe in government transparency and accountability to the public.

In the coming weeks I will start walking door to door. I look forward to talking with you about your concerns and working together on a positive path forward. I would also like to share with you my thoughts on future community projects, budget inefficiencies and revenue opportunities. 

I am all in, and I hope you are too. 

My name is Alicia Kenyon (Laible). I am running for City Council. 


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