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GUEST VIEW By Rita Fullerton

I'm sure the Niagara Falls Reporter receives an overabundance of mail in regard to what a disgusting shithole Niagara Falls has turned into. Sorry for this one, but I had to vent somewhere.

I lived in that city for 35 years. I grew up in the LaSalle Avenue area, which used to be primarily Italians and a few families of Polish heritage. It was a small but aspiring little community and there were no fears of playing outside. You could walk to the City Market and not worry that you'd be jumped outside Viola's.

I moved away 10 years ago, when I thought it was rough. However, I can see that it has become increasingly worse and no one in City Hall gives a shit at all!

A few months ago, my former neighbor, who is 89, had her home broken into by several black men. She was thankfully asleep at 10 a.m., as her cancer medication makes her very tired. These scum entered her home and took what little she had, including her husband's war medals from World War II.

An asshole neighbor, who lives three houses away, said he thought they were people from the church taking away stuff she was donating. Are you frigging kidding me? This jerk needs his ass whipped just for being stupid, and I hope he rots in hell for not even going over to inquire if his elderly neighbor was OK.

This past Sunday, I received a phone call from a friend who is caretaking the property I still own -- yes, the old house on LaSalle -- to tell me that someone had broken into the basement window and destroyed my mother and grandmother's house.

I was beside myself, as I live over 110 miles away and could not get there to remove items before anything like this could happen. Several months ago, I came in to take what smaller items I could fit into the car, and I had just made arrangements with work for a vacation at the end of the month to come out and remove the remainder of cherished items.

Well, I never got the chance. The bastards came in, took my grandmother's 1940 radio console, and her kitchen table and chairs, as well as my mother's cedar chest. And no one saw a frigging thing? God knows what else they took. There was almost 100 years of life in there, yet these thugs not only stole my memories, they demolished the entire house from top to bottom.

I made a special trip out yesterday to do the police report, and I literally almost fainted when I entered my childhood home and saw it violated so heinously. The police were no help, and an officer actually told my husband that they "needed to bulldoze the whole fucking city down and start over." Nice.

While it breaks my heart that my childhood possessions are lying in decay somewhere so someone could have a crackfest at my expense, I can only thank God that no one was in the house when it happened, and that my 81-year-old mother is safe and sound out here with us and she will never know of this despicable act and the fact that those who are there to protect her memories are so jaded with the city's current disgusting excuse for residents.

The officer himself, very jaded, informed us that of the remaining 30,000 people left, most were scum and there was nothing they could do about it. How sickening!

The house is now boarded up and we have given up selling it, so it will soon be donated. I could care less about the money we lost, but I will forever be sick to death when I remember my childhood, my grandmother's cherished radio that we listened to Italian music on, her table that I learned to cook on as a child, and my mother's cedar chest that she held onto for me to have as an adult.

I don't even even want to hear that I should have gotten it sooner. I shouldn't have to worry about what's mine to begin with.

I hope the bastards fry in hell someday!

Niagara Falls Reporter www.niagarafallsreporter.com Oct. 11, 2011