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Glenn Choolokian Announces He Will Run for Mayor Against Restaino

Glenn A. Choolokian is a former Niagara Falls City Council member and is a Mayoral Candidate

The following is an announcement by former Niagara Falls Councilmember Glenn Choolokian. He is running for mayor.

As a Democrat, he will run against Mayor Robert Restaino in the democratic primary.

By Glenn Choolokian

As a former Niagara Falls business owner, former council member and a lifelong resident of the city of Niagara Falls, I consider myself very fortunate to live and work in our city.

I have been dismayed and saddened at the amount of failure from our politicians and their inability to move our city forward.

The past four years, we have had a new administration, and things have only gotten worse. The leadership of Niagara Falls continues to let down the residents and business owners.

We cannot afford past and present administrations to plaque our city any longer.

Today, I would like to announce my candidacy for the office of mayor in the upcoming city of Niagara Falls election. I think it’s time to bring in a strong qualified leader with a background of progressive thinking, and most importantly a person with a track record of solutions and accomplishments.

I have always truly believed in the past, and especially now that I am the only person that can move our city into a new and better direction. The city of Niagara Falls cannot afford to wait any longer.

With this being said, that is why I am running as a Democrat, giving myself the best chance to win and to become your next mayor.

You may hear from my opponents throughout the upcoming election that I have switched political parties a couple of times (this is true) and they will say I am not loyal to any certain political party.

The people that know me know I have a deep passion for the city of Niagara Falls and ALL our citizens, I believe that at the local level, political parties are irrelevant.

The famous saying for this situation is, “There is no Democrat or Republican way to pick up the garbage, fix a street or STOP Crime.”

The City of Niagara Falls is made up of so many great people. We are a diverse community with so many different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs and political views, and these are the people that I am loyal to not just one certain political party.

I believe it is time for cooperation between all local political parties, so we can all help together in the long-awaited rebirth of our once great city.

Our elected officials’ jobs should be to ensure our community’s safety, promote a positive environment for families to live and businesses to grow in. We live in a remarkable community, filled with talented and educated people who share a deep appreciation for our beautiful historic city. I believe we still have what it takes to make this a thriving, economically viable, sustainable environment for our families, students, seasonal residents and tourists. The next administration must be committed to the residents and business owners of Niagara Falls. We must instill the principle that anything less than the best is unacceptable. I am looking forward in the upcoming months to meet everyone on the campaign trail and to lay out my detailed plan for Niagara Falls. Choolokian is Your Last Chance for Change


Glenn A. Choolokian

Is a former City of Niagara Falls Council Member


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