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Food Review: Angela’s Famous BBQ

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By: Jamie DePetris

Food Expert / Critic

So this weeks review is a bit different. I didn’t choose a restaurant this week, but rather an awesome meal I want to share.

A very funny comedian friend I met about a year ago – Ernie Bivins – always posts these delicious food pictures on Facebook that his wife Angela makes and sells out of their home. . . so of course I had to try it!

To be honest, I sort of forgot all about it! Which is crazy because once the food entered my car I couldn’t stop picking at it on my way home.

So anyway, my bestie Jenelle – some of you may know her as “Faso’s sister” – and I went and were greeted first by the smoky bbq grilling smell that you just cant resist. The smell literally wrapped around the block.

As if on script, we were greeted super excitedly by Ernie. Jenelle and I walked right into the kitchen and saw their immaculate restaurant-style set up. In the kitchen busting her butt was Angela prepping her delicious homemade food.

So here it is, just on Saturdays Angela makes bbq ribs and bbq chicken. Either comes with macaroni salad and the best bbq baked beans I have ever ever had!



It’s $10 a meal and you can place your order on either Facebook or call Angela and they will have it packaged and ready to go and enjoy.

You guys have to trust me!! I mean, have I ever steered you wrong? This may be off the beaten path but it is oooooo so worth it, I promise you.

I haven’t tried the chicken but the ribs were smothered in bbq sauce and they are huge and fall off the bone lip smacking delicious.

This is down home cooking that you may have only heard about or experienced once or twice in your life that you continue to just dream about.

Not just the food is great but when Jenelle and I walked in its like your own free comedy show. Of course Ernie is taking all the credit, but here Angela is the star of this show.

Keep this Saturday open, Angela is doing her very famous “fried ribs” which I have never had but will be for sure be trying.

You can call or text Angela (716) 579-5983 or Facebook: Angela Bivens or Facebook: Ernie Bivins for your orders!!!

Tell them Jamie/ Angelina Jolie (that’s me) sent you!!

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