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Discussion of Smoking Ban at North Tonawanda Common Council Workshop

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North Tonawanda City Hall


Cleaner air on city property?  


By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

Mayor Art Pappas says he has received numerous complaints from residents attempting to enter City Hall while others are outside smoking.

During a Common Council Workshop held on Tuesday September 11th, Mayor Pappas suggested that no smoking be allowed in city property at all.

“We are starting to see concerns from employees trying to enter the building,” said Pappas, “and I would like the council to consider prohibiting smoking on city hall property.”

Although there is currently a no smoking policy, one suggestion was to have a designated smoking area off City Hall property.

Some members of the Council expressed agreement with Mayor Pappas’s proposal.

“A lot of employers that I know of know you cannot smoke on city property,” said Alderman Donna Braun. “They know you have to walk across the street to smoke.”

A related concern, according to members of the Council, is the cigarette butts that are littered  throughout the property.

“I do not know if you can designate a place behind the building for smoking, but it is becoming not only a health hazard but a mess with cigarette butts being thrown around,” said Pappas.

Council President Eric Zadzilka says it is something he would happy to look at an adopt it.

The issue could up for vote next Tuesday, September 18th, at the next Common Council meeting.

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