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Community Gathers at Taste of the Tonawanda’s

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

It was a day to eat, enjoy music and be surrounded by people in the community. At the annual Taste of the Tonawanda’s hundreds of people packed Gateway Harbor to enjoy everything from potato bites to polish sausages. For many it was a change to try something they have never had before.

“I like the variety of food. I like the atmosphere and the live music, it is a good place to hang out. I have been stopping at TC Wheelers, Mooney’s and the Great Foodini,” said Mike Meyers, North Tonawanda Resident.

The event is sponsored by the Tonawanda’s Gateway Harbor Company and is a kickoff to just one of many events that will be held in North Tonawanda this summer.

“We have this and then this is followed by our first food truck Thursdays, which will be next Thursday in the city of Tonawanda, we have our street dance, which is next Saturday the 9th and then our regular concerts start in Gateway Park on Wednesday the 13th,” Rick Falkowski, Event Organizer.

More than 20 different vendors were available and with tickets that are 50 cents each people can purchase all kinds of food or beverages. For many it was a change to enjoy a great meal and support a great community.

“I just like all the food and because it is in the Tonawanda’s, we are supporting it. We are really enjoying ourselves. I cannot wait to try the sausages or maybe a taco,” said Pat Anderson, North Tonawanda Resident.

For others like Lynn Fredericks she is excited to trying something a little spicier today.

“I do like spicy food, I also like something different that you can not normally get on a regular basis. Like Webster’s Bistro has stuff on here that I do not even know what it is but I will definitely do and find out. I am also talking to people and finding out what to get. This lady behind me has the sweet and sour chicken and that looks good, another person has the confit chicken wing,” said Lynn Fredericks, North Tonawanda Resident.

In addition to enjoying the delicious food others say, they like spending time on the canal and enjoy the great community scenery.

“This is a great way to bring in people from the community to see the beautiful area that we have here along the waterfront and it is a great time. We just had the buffalo wing mac and cheese and it was really good,” said Will Smith, North Tonawanda Resident.

For other it was a day to stick with something a little more traditional.

“My kids like the pizza from TC Wheelers and I have not tried anything yet but I am excited to see what is here,” said Brandy Lifton, North Tonawanda Resident.

From pasta to donut holes there was something for everyone to enjoy.

 It is called a Taste of the Tonawanda’s because all of the food being served up is representative of what the North Towns has to offer. Helping to feed people one bite at a time and hoping that people will keep coming to Gateway Harbor Park long after the event is over.

Any unused tickets will be refunded by Gateway Corporation.



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