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BREAKING: Niagara County Golf Courses, Campgrounds & Boat Launches Open Amid Stay-At-Home Order

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By: Staff Reporter

John Syracuse, Vice Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature, today said golf courses, campgrounds and boat launches in Niagara County are open in full accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders as well as guidance from the Niagara County Department of Health.

“Over these last several weeks, there has been evolving positions from New York State, different actions taken in neighboring counties and a general sense of confusion over what is allowed and what is not relating to these recreational activities,” said Syracuse.  “We hope this statement today brings clarity to what is allowed in Niagara County.”

Syracuse said steps are being taken to help maintain proper social distancing and it is expected that those who partake in any of these activities will abide by the appropriate guidelines.  For example, at the Niagara County Golf Course:

“We have sought guidance from the Niagara County Department of Health and we are confident we are striking the right balance between the need to continue to be vigilant in our COVID-19 fight and the desire for some measure of opening things up,” said Syracuse.  “If we find a disregard for social distancing protocols in these venues, we will adapt our policy accordingly.”

Syracuse added that Niagara County continues to evaluate all aspect of government services under its control to see what services can be provides in concert with state directives.

“Clearly, the vast majority of the decision-making on what is open and what is closed rests with Governor Cuomo,” said Syracuse.  “But now that we have adjusted to this situation over the last month, we are looking for new ways to provide services to our residents without compromising anyone’s safety.”


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