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Braun Announces Re-Election Campaign in North Tonawanda

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By: Brendan McDonough

Reporter for North Tonawanda

She has become a fearless advocate for the people of North Tonawanda and 2nd Ward Alderwoman Donna Braun announced she is running for re-election. Braun is the only woman on the male dominated council but this does not bother her one bit. In her term in office she has been fighting for equal rights and working to improve the city for everyone. Her motivation is to become a representation for people across the North Towns and to revitalize a “stagnant downtown.” Thanks to her efforts progress is being made specifically on Webster Street. A once forgotten area has now become a destination place to shop and enjoy a thriving nightlife.

Braun knows North Tonawanda well she has been a resident for the past 29 years and her husband Ken Braun they helped raised three amazing children.

Braun is not just a member of the Common Council she is also a board member of the Lumber City Development Corporation. It’s a group that aims to promote economic development in the City. Her passion for improving North Tonawanda is contagious, working with city leaders and local residents to make the area a better place for everyone, no matter what their age or economic background.

Braun also serves on several steering committees, like the one that is helping to decide how to best decide where funds from a 2.5-million-dollar Smart Growth Grant from the Governor’s office should be spent.

She is also a regular attendee at the community gardens, digging in the dirt, planting new growth and helping to make the area look better for all.

Proving that with the right amount of hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished.


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