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Boating Accident in Tonawanda Creek Leads to One Fatality

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By: Staff Reporter

The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement regarding a boating accident resulting in a fatality:

On August 1, 2020 at 0724 hours, the Niagara County Sheriffs Office was notified by Amherst Police of a boating accident in the area of 5484 Tonawanda Creek Road on the Pendleton side of Tonawanda Creek.

Two injured females had exited a damaged boat that had crashed onto an embankment on the Amherst side. They reported that their friend, Jason J. Stulba, 40, of Amherst had fallen out of the boat after striking an object in the creek.

The boat then veered suddenly across the creek, landing on the south shore. The object was a metal support beam to a covered boat launch at 5484 Tonawanda Creek.

Several volunteer fire companies and the Niagara County Sheriffs Office Marine and Dive Team were notified for a search. Getzville Fire located and recovered Stubla in the water, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Both females were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

The investigation is ongoing by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Marine Division.


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