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Big Giveaway Saturday at Batavia Downs Gaming

By Tony Farina

We’re coming up on the last Saturday of the month of March, the last chance to win $23,760 in cash plus any carryover in the Leprechaun Loot Progressive contest at Batavia Downs Gaming.

So if you feel even a little bit lucky, try your hand at Batavia Downs on Saturday, March 30, and maybe you will walk away a little richer thanks to the Leprechaun Loot Progressive giveaway.

Also on Monday, April 1, known of course as Dyngus Day (Easter Monday), win $100 in free play with Hot Seat Drawings every hour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Batavia Downs is a public benefit corporation where the giveaways are non-stop and where records for cash prizes and attendance are a way of life.

Stop by a Batavia Downs Gaming this weekend and hopefully you may join the ranks of the lucky winners who walk away with a little extra cash than they arrived with.  It does happen!!!

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