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Bear Watch: Press Release from NT Police Department

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Today at approximately 7:40am, the North Tonawanda Police Department began receiving calls regarding the sighting of a bear. He was originally seen on Dale Drive.

The male black bear, estimated to be approximately two years old, traveled throughout the city as far as Oliver and 16th Avenue as officers followed and kept sight of him.

Officers formed a perimeter around him while simultaneously trying to push him in a northerly direction to a weeded area.

They also kept citizens at a distance. Several occasions the bear went into backyards and officers or dispatchers alerted homeowners if the bear was in their yard and to remain inside.

The bear was ultimately moved to the end of Daniel Drive and was last seen approximately 9:35 am as he entered the woods.

The bear did not display any aggressive behavior during this incident.

The Department of Environmental Conservation, who were called to assist, remained in the area to ensure the bear did not enter back into a residential area.





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