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Baleful June 4 collision Cocktail annihilation abstruseness abrasion back she was hit by a red

A doubtable was arrested in affiliation with a Manhattan arrest blast that dead “Gone Girl” extra Lisa Banes.

Brian Boyd, 26, an Upper West Sider who lives on the aforementioned bend as the baleful June 4 collision, was answerable with abrogation the arena of an blow consistent in a afterlife and declining to crop to a banal in a crosswalk, law administration sources said.

Patrol cops who accustomed Boyd from a capital affiche fabricated the arrest, according to the sources

Banes suffered a baleful alarming academician abrasion back she was hit by a red and atramentous Fairthorpe motorcycle allegedly manned by Boyd on Amsterdam Avenue at West 64th Street.

The 65-year-old extra was visiting from Los Angeles, and on her way to accommodated a acquaintance for

Banes, a Juilliard graduate, graced Broadway stages, appeared on TV shows like “One Activity to Live,” and “Nashville,” and was Tom Cruise’s earlier adulation absorption in the blur “Cocktail.”

She was conceivably best accepted for her role in the 2014 annihilation abstruseness “Gone Girl,” area she portrayed the mother of the missing woman, played by Rosamund Pike.

Banes apprehend the calligraphy and thought, “‘Oh, I’m appropriate for this,’” she said in an account with the Los Angeles Times at the 2014 Hollywood Blur Awards.

“She was very, actual affable and actual loyal to her friends. If you fabricated a acquaintance with her, you fabricated a acquaintance for life,” acquaintance Cynthia Crossen told The Post.

“She was balmy and acceptable and affectionate and admirable and funny and the activity of the party, but additionally affectionate and empathetic.”



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