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Judge Frank R. Bayger

Judge Frank R. Bayger

Dear Judge Bayger:
My son was recently in a terrible accident and sustained very serious injuries. I’ve seen various ads on television and on billboards from lawyers soliciting injured people to contact their law firm immediately.
How do I choose the right attorney to represent my son in this case?
Signed, Confused Mom

Answer: Any attorney admitted to practice in New York state can claim that he should be the one to contact in your moment of need. It takes no skill at all to place an ad.
If you need a qualified neurosurgeon, you wouldn’t just pick the first name you see in the phone book, or see in a TV ad. You would want to know about his education, experience and his track record in dealing with cases like yours. Similarly, if you need an attorney, it would be helpful to request any potential lawyer to provide you with a resume that outlines his qualifications, his educational background and his record of experience. If a law firm cannot tell you those things about an attorney handling your case, you have reason to be cautious.
If you would like a resume or brochure from my law firm, please contact me at 716 216-6226 or by email at
(Retired State Supreme Court Justice Frank R. Bayger is inviting you to submit legal questions pertaining to personal injury or wrongful death cases to him for a published response. Email your questions to Judge Bayger, a Hall of Fame trial lawyer, and the judge will respond in writing in the Niagara Falls Reporter. Send your email to

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