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Are the women who criticize Raniere telling the truth?

Several women have criticized Keith Raniere.

Kristen Keeffe was Keith Raniere’s top assistant, a member of his inner circle, strategist for his legal quests to punish women he declared war on and is the mother of his child, a child he never acknowledged, a child he told Keeffe to lie about and deny was his son..

Keeffe also lived with Raniere along with other women of his harem during the early 2000’s.

Keeffe says, “It was just Keith doing what he does, which is committing fraud and lying, and thinking he’s not going to get caught.”

Barbara Bouchey was a longtime girlfriend, a member of Raniere’s inner circle, a woman whose money he squandered and a woman he told she would bear his child.


Bouchey said, “This is why they say people that are narcissistic and crazy like Keith that they are their own undoing because they’re so narcissistic and cocky that they just don’t ever think they’ll get caught or that it’s not going to catch up with them…. You’ve got the group of us women who are being abused and victimized by Keith, a sexual predator, and psychopath.”

Another woman who claims she was abused by Raniere is Toni Natalie:

Artist conception of Keith Raniere

When asked why she moved from Saratoga to Rochester she said “Because I was being harassed by Mr. Raniere …. he sent police to our house and phone calls. He spent a whole hour threatening me on the phone…. He threatened me and my whole family.”

Natalie says, “Keith finds your vulnerabilities and then he preys on them.” And that Raniere “is a compulsive gambler, a sex addict with bizarre desires and needs, and a con man that specializes in Ponzi schemes.”

Another woman, Susan Dones, said, Raniere “had told ….Barbara Bouchey that they — that he was her boyfriend without telling Barbara Bouchey that he was having multiple sexual relationships. Same thing with Toni. He told Toni that he was her boyfriend without sharing with Toni that he was having multiple sexual relationships. In my book, in my moral fiber, that’s deviant….  I think that there’s a cycle of abuse. I think the way that he works women to not talk about it and then when they do find out about the fact that he’s having sexual relationships with other women how a group of other women come in — Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, Lauren Salzman — they come in to work that person’s issues and attachments around ownership of Keith. ‘Do you own Keith’s penis?’ ‘What’s the difference between Keith sleeping with somebody versus playing the violin?” Those kinds of things are all manipulative.”

The question we must always ask – and strive to learn – is what is the truth?

Are these women lying about Raniere. Did they make these stories up? Or is Raniere truly a liar and abuser of women?

There are other women, women still with Raniere, who fiercely defend him and call him their mentor.

Are they brainwashed? Will they later have a rude awakening?

We will have more on this topic later.





It’s not just the celibacy thing. I mean, it’s really around the manipulation that I believe that he does with women, and it’s the manipulation that he does with his members to extract money out of them to gamble in the commodities market…..

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