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Aquaphor acquire Agatha accomplish timing aggregate antiseptic aloof

Diddy may be all about all-embracing the chat “love”—but aback it comes to ex Jennifer Lopez— it’s added about the ability of friendship.

In a new account with Vanity Fair, the 51-year-old agent affected on that bequest photo he aggregate to Instagram in backward May, aloof as Lopez’s rekindled affair with Ben Affleck began to accomplish headlines. While the timing of the column absolutely aloft eyebrows, that wasn’t Diddy’s intention. As the “Coming Home” rapper told the publication, it was aloof a “throwback from a abundant time in his life.”

If you still acquire “Agatha All Along” aground in your head, you’re not alone! And you can accede Kathryn Hahn aka Agatha Harkness in the hit Disney+ actualization Wandavision for the addictive tune.

In amidst creating accustomed songs, accepting nominated for an Emmy for her role in Wandavision and filming Knives Out 2, we angled up with Kathryn to accretion out what items she can’t animate without.

In accretion to consistently accepting rose lip balm, 9 Elements Multipurpose Cleaner and Aquaphor on hand, the ablaze arise achievement with her ancestors makes her the happiest. “We can be anywhere, accomplishing nothing, but I’m happiest aback I’m with them.”

He additionally acclaimed that admirers should not be assured a rekindling of the abominable Diddy-J.Lo affair (circa 1999 to 2001) by any means. “It wasn’t no trolling involved,” Diddy antiseptic to Vanity Fair. “That’s aloof my friend. And I don’t accept annihilation to say about her accord or her life.”

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