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Anti-SAFE Act organization, SCOPE, Sues US Atty General, FBI and ATF on gun background check disclosures

Rochester, NY – the anti-SAFE Act group is fighting back.

This time they are going after the federal government’s use of information collected during background checks of gun purchasers.

Activists from across the State of New York filed a civil rights case against the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, the ATF, and the Terrorist Screening Center. The name of the case is Pratt vs. Lynch, and it details how the conduct of several federal agencies has been both unconstitutional and illegal.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction barring the Defendants from using any information collected in a background check for any other purpose than those defined by law.

A limitation was placed upon the use of background check information in http://southbuffalonews.com993 when Congress passed the so-called Brady Bill.

For more than http://southbuffalonews.com0 years confidential information about gun owners has been breached by the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, the ATF, and the Terrorist Screening Center.

The lead Plaintiff in the lawsuit is Larry Pratt, who is also the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, a national organization dedicated to the defense of the Second Amendment.

Pratt said, “At Thanksgiving, President Obama asked Americans to think about gun control. We did. …(W)e’re asking Americans to talk about freedom and civil liberties and how we will restore our Bill of Rights.”

Stephen J. Aldstadt is a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit. He is also the President of the Shooters Committee on

Political Education, based in New York. SCOPE is heading up the “Stop the Secrecy!” campaign associated with this lawsuit, whereby gun owners around the country are being asking to submit a Freedom of Information request to the FBI to discover what information has been kept from their ATF Form 4473s. “The ATF is under a legal obligation to protect our personal information when we go to a dealer to purchase a firearm and to purge that information after the background check is completed. Instead, the ATF, the FBI, and the TSC have been freely sharing the information for more than ten years, including with foreign governments and private contractors.”

The lawsuit also seeks a release of any and all information that the federal government has collected on each of the coplaintiffs, who are prominent Second Amendment activists and leaders of Second Amendment groups.

Go ahead and contact the people involved if you are interested and want to help: Paloma Capanna

Attorney & Policy Analyst, 633 Lake Rd., Webster, New York http://southbuffalonews.com4580, (585) 377-7260,;  Stephen J. Aldstadt, President Larry Pratt, Executive Director;  Shooters Committee on Political Education Gun Owners of America; 83http://southbuffalonews.com6 Colden Road 800 Forbes Place, Suite http://southbuffalonews.com02, Colden, New York http://southbuffalonews.com4033-9777 Springfield, Virginia 22http://southbuffalonews.com5, (7http://southbuffalonews.com6) 94 (703) 32,

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