Amphitheatre accept been invaluable failure dreams never came true McKinley Aerial Academy

The afflatus abaft Dwayne Johnson’s new Under Armour Collection? His failures.


The Jungle Cruise brilliant alone the latest chapter of his Project Rock band with Under Armour this anniversary featuring aggregate you charge to attending and feel your best on and off the field.


“As a man who’s put his ‘hands in the dirt’ the assignment I’ve abstruse on the amphitheatre accept been invaluable. Not because of my successes, but because of my failures. Because of failure, my NFL dreams never came true,” the amateur explained in an Instagram post. “Because of failure, I am the hardest artisan in the room. And because of failure, I’ve abstruse that the adamantine assignment will consistently activate and end, with me…. Sometimes it’s the dreams that don’t appear true, that accord us life’s greatest lessons.”


From limited-edition cleats and comfortable hoodies to breathable tees and shorts, the accumulating will actuate you to be the hardest artisan in the room. To accomplish the bead alike added meaningful, the amateur attempt the collection’s attack at his aerial school, President William McKinley Aerial Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii, area he played football.


Although some of the styles accept already awash out, we angled up the pieces you can still boutique below!

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