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Aide for Senator Ortt Resigns After Social Media Post Shows Him Using Racial Slurs Against Teens

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New York State Senator Rob Ortt.


By: Staff Reporter

An aide for State Senator Robert Ortt resigned on Monday after a video surfaced on social media showing the staffer using racial slurs.

According to the video, Robert Welch used the “n” word when referring to an African American.

Senator Ortt’s office said they accepted the resignation but had no additional comment.

Later on Monday, Senator Ortt released a statement stating that he, and those in his office, hold themselves to the utmost standards of professionalism and conduct.

“The employee’s actions in these videos did not meet those standards,” said Senator Ortt.

Although the videos on social media do not show Welch, you can hear his voice. However, there is a photo on Facebook from the incident that appears to show Welch.

According to social media, the dispute was wholly over a teenager knocking over a lawn sign while jumping over it.

Welch, in a fit of rage, began yelling at the group using profanities and racial slurs. Welch then jumped into a vehicle and continued to chase the kids while shouting similar inappropriate phrases.

Welch has not made a public comment since resigning and he has not been charged with a crime as a result of the incident.


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