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Niagara Falls insurance executive and former city councilman John G. Accardo today announced his candidacy in the upcoming mayoral primary.

The 55-year old Accardo expressed serious concern about what is happening in the Niagara Falls community.

"We need a reality check," emphasized Accardo, "as to where this city is headed.

"As state aid dwindles, the cost of doing business soars, and our tax base shrinks, we have an administration that doles out ballooned salaries, topped by the doubling of the city administrator's pay.

"Let it be understood," explained Accardo, "my first executive order as mayor will institute a 25 percent pay cut for all exempt employees appointed by the mayor."

Accardo scoffed at Paul Dyster's claim that things in Niagara Falls are getting better.

"When Paul Dyster assumed office, Main Street was a shuttered neighborhood. Other than the hard work of John Hutchins and an overpriced courthouse, Main Street is no better off than it was four years ago."

Accardo, an unsuccessful candidate in the 2010 race in the 138th Assembly District, is offended by the current Administration's campaign to sell this community a "bill of goods."

"No matter how many press releases he issues, Dyster can't duck the fact that jobs are fewer, development nonexistent and the West End of our city deteriorates by the day.

"The people of Niagara Falls are too intelligent to believe a train station, serving nonexistent train traffic and a museum that can't get off the drawing board will reverse 40 years of failed initiatives.

"The improvement of our city's streets remains of the utmost importance," notes Accardo, "but for the most part of the last five administrations, city crews have been handcuffed with an annual paving budget of $250,000. With the millions of dollars it has been appropriated and its improved capital equipment purchases, the Dyster administration better be doing more roads."

Accardo labels Dyster's cries of past corruption as scare tactics, noting that the mysterious funding that spiked his staff's salaries screams for a closer look.

Accardo intends to seek the Democratic, Independence, Conservative and Working Families tickets.

Niagara Falls Reporter www.niagarafallsreporter.com May 3, 2011