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Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission Unfairly Under Attack By Neighbors

Once again I read an article in the Niagara Falls Reporter (Ferry Avenue Homeless Shelter Cause for Concern Among Area Residents) about the Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission (NGRM) coming under attack by the neighborhood in its current location (1023 Ferry Ave.). It seems the neighbors view this home as a "flop house" for drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people. However, if they took the time to read the words, “Gospel Rescue Mission,” they would see that it is about God's word. Its mission is to reach out to those in need and share with them the Word of God. The NGRM is not a flop house. It is a home filled with God's love, and the opportunity for those who enter to change their lives. It offers them the chance to learn and grow in God and know they are loved for who they are and not merely for what people may perceive them to be. No one started out in life as an alcoholic or a drug addict. However, they fell into the fallen world in which we live. God's plan is to save us from this fallen world. So why are you, the neighbors, so against a home where people are wanting and getting the help they need? Some day you may find yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you had nowhere to go or had a place to go and found yourself an outcast because of "labels" and everyone around you wanted you out? I urge you to take the time to get to know what the NGRM is truly about: Christians sharing the Word of God to bring the lost from darkness into light. Many lives have been saved through the work of the Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission. Therefore, instead of passing judgment, I urge my fellow neighbors to try getting involved in helping them with their work. By doing so, you may experience blessings you never expected.

Maryanne Villar

Niagara Falls NY



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Mar 18, 2014