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Tourists Walk on Ice, Get Arrested

Look at these pictures, when America was a young nation of bold, brave men and women. No one would have thought of arresting these brave souls. And they got a priceless look at the Falls.
This recent picture caused horror and the poor man’s arrest. These other pictures are from when the Niagara Falls State Park did not arrest people from being, well, people.

On March 5, at 2:58 p.m., the New York State Park Police in Niagara Falls received a call that two subjects were seen trespassing on the closed section of Terrapin Point.

Patrolmen arrived at the location and observed two adult males on the ice in an area that is closed to the public due to "dangerous conditions."

Both subjects were arrested and subsequently released on bail.

According to a written statement released to the media, New York State Park Police were recommending that patrons stay out of the closed areas, and that “this situation could have turned into a tragedy."

A picture was taken by a park employee from down below at the Cave of the Winds.

Jumping on the issue, the Niagara Gazette wrote in its Cheers and Jeers column, under the category of "Jeers," that "So far this week seven people have been arrested after venturing out on to dangerous patches of ice near Terrapin Point at the park. Park police say a few of those caught and arrested have mentioned wanting to get a better picture of the falls. No picture of the falls is worth putting your life-or those of the potential rescuers who have to respond to any emergencies at risk. It probably should be mentioned all those arrested so far have been from out of town. Hopefully local visitors have a bit more common sense."

It should be noted that no one who ventured out to so-called “dangerous areas” fell to his or her death, nor was anyone hurt.

Everyone was undoubtedly looking to see the grandeur of the falls at a closer range.

The alleged trespassers merely ventured out further to get a feeling of the might and strength of the falls. In turn, they may have acted a little mighty and daring themselves.

Disappointingly, during much of the winter, visitors cannot get a good look at the falls because all the best views are fenced off.



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Mar 18, 2014