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Senator Maziarz Votes NO on the DREAM Act; Measure Defeated

Sen. George Maziarz

The Dream Act was defeated in the New York State Senate.

Consequently the taxpayers of New York State will not have to foot the bill for free college educations for illegal immigrants.

State Sen. George Maziarz was one of the majority who voted “No."

In a statement to the Niagara Falls Reporter, Maziarz said,

"Today I voted a loud and resounding 'NO' when the DREAM Act was taken up on the Senate floor.

"The liberal advocates will try to spin this legislation any way they can, but there’s no denying that the DREAM Act would take financial aid away from law-abiding families and give it to those who are in our country illegally. This bill is not about expanding hope and opportunity it is about expanding handouts and opportunism. That is something my constituents simply cannot stomach.

"Just a few weeks ago, the governor floated the idea of giving away free college educations to prison inmates. In my district, that went down like a lead balloon. Most of my constituents view the DREAM Act with equal incredulity and scorn. For their sake, I am glad this measure failed to pass the Senate.

"Getting a college education is important to succeeding in today’s workforce and the cost of getting a degree continues to rise. But that doesn’t mean our state can be all things to all people. We have countless hardworking families who are playing by the rules and struggling to afford college. We have immigrant families who have followed our laws and gone to great lengths to become legal citizens. Precious taxpayer dollars that are earmarked for financial aid should be directed to these families first and foremost."



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Mar 18, 2014