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Movie, "Roots of Niagara," to be Filmed in Niagara Falls

By Kay Stubbs

Donna Owens, the Mayor's Girl Friday.
Barry Snyder, seen laughing all the way to the bank.
Charles Nelson Reilly plays the gripping role of Mayor Paul A. Dyster.
John Travolta is the beautiful Kristen Grandinetti.
Eddie Murphy plays a dual role. Here he is seen as the EEOC chief with nothing to do, Ruby Pulliam.
Will Farrell plays Gov. Cuomo.
Al Lewis plays schmuck, creep-o publisher of the Niagara Falls Reporter, Frank Parlato, who tries to suggest that people should work for a living and government workers should not make five times more than the people they serve. He is made a laughing stock in this utopian fun-loving socialist fantasy comedy drama.
Happy socialists on welfare (right) reach out to Nelson Reilly as Mayor Paul Dyster (left) for their every need, even changing their diaper and burping them. One tender scene from the movie is when a middle aged welfare recipient asks Mayor Dyster to work to make all people dependent on government to the fullest extent. Dyster sheds a tear when the man says, "and mayor, when I go to sleep, would you please wake me up when I have to go to the bathroom?"

The publisher of the Niagara Falls Reporter assigned me the task of writing a happy news story each week. When I asked him how I could write happy stories about a city that is dead and flat broke, despite having one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, he replied, "Babies don't want to hear the truth. Give them a piece of chocolate, instead."

"What if I can't find any happy news in a given week," I asked.

"Then make it up," he replied.

The happy news this week is that a major motion picture is being filmed in Niagara Falls. It's called "Roots of Niagara" and will be filmed at the NACC on Pine Ave.

The film is about a mayor and his council who, with the help of an ambitious governor, get all the working people in the city to move to another state, leaving behind only welfare recipients, government employees, and a group of elite $100,000-plus per year department heads at City Hall. Everyone is happy in the end.

The cast includes:

Will Farrell as Gov. Andrew Cuomo;

Charles Nelson Reilly as Mayor Paul Dyster;

John Travolta as Kristen Grandinetti;

Adam Sandler as Donna Owens;

Eddie Murphy in a dual role as Charley Walker and Ruby Pulliam;

Paul Lynde as Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder; and

Al Lewis as Frank Parlato, publisher of the Niagara Falls Reporter.

The trailer features an exciting scene where the EEO director, Ruby "Don't Stay in Town" Pulliam, is at a taxpayer-funded getaway/EEOC conference in Zurich, Switzerland, and tries to buy a $38,000 purse, but the sales girl won't wait on her because she's from Niagara Falls.

Another scene features the Seneca Nation president, who, because of his race, is allowed to be the richest man in town. He orders the governor to sit down, shut up, and make sure he gets a monopoly on gaming in the city, so that people on welfare can have a place to lose their surplus money.

A great cast and plot, directed with panache.



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Mar 11, 2014