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Lock Your Cars Fabian Carter is Out of Jail

Every day, the Niagara Falls Reporter receives from the Niagara Falls Police

Department, the incident reports and arrest records of the NFPD by email.

We follow it fairly closely and noticed that, during the last three weeks, a sudden rise in car break-ins was clearly evident.

This prompted us to think of Niagara Falls' most-arrested thief, Fabian L. Carter, may be out of jail. A call to Police Supt. Bryan DalPorto confirmed our suspicions.

Yes, Carter was released on Feb. 21, about the exact time car break-ins began to a spike in an upward direction.

Carter loves to break into cars and steal stuff.

He has been in and out of jail most of his life, having been arrested 144 times. It is always a sad day for the people (who own cars) when he walks the streets.

Because of Carter, and people like him, most people in Niagara Falls leave their car doors locked. They lock them when they go out, they lock them where they work, and they lock them when they are home.

Their cars spend 99 percent of their time locked. (Sometimes this locking works against them, since, if Carter finds a car locked, he is known to take a brick and smash a window.)

Just as they have a sex offender registry, so neighbors can know when a pervert moves in, they should have a thief list.

"Fabian Carter has moved down the street so, as sure as you're reading this, he will try for whatever is inside your car."

Sometimes, every car in an area has Carter's snow footprints approaching them. Police records show any car he enters will be relieved of a GPS, coins, bills, radios, bags, purses, toys, gifts, or anything of even the remotest value.

He has been arrested with as much as $50 in quarters, dimes and pennies, culled from stolen cars, to as little as 70 pennies.

There are places in God's green world, where there are no Fabian Carters. Places where people don't lock their doors, don't worry about thieves.

It adds to the grace of living, when you can go from car to store and not worry about locking your car.

Most country folks live where they never lock their doors.

Add one Carter and they lock doors.

One Fabian Carter makes 500 lives uneasy.

Fabian Carter and his ilk: poison added to the salt-of-the-earth.

If several like Fabian Carter moved to Lewiston, Ransomville, Porter or Sanborn, they would ruin the town. In some towns, police would arrest Carter and beat the living daylights out of him. He would be tarred and feathered. Killed in some places, his hands cut off in others.

Looking at his record of stealing from his neighbors - again and again and again and again - there would some who would argue, he would have been better - this heartless man who adds nothing to the great cause of humanity - if he'd never been born.

No one likes to say someone is better off had they never been born, although that is the question for everyone who is aborted or aborts. But social engineers argue for abortion perhaps because they have a future Fabian Carter who will never be born in mind.



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Mar 11, 2014