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John DelMonte Eyes Supreme Court Run

Niagara Falls attorney John DelMonte, brother of former Assembly woman Francine DelMonte, plans to run for NYS Supreme Court. He hopes to win the seat being vacated by retiring Justice Ralph Boniello.

Democrat DelMonte, 59, has a long road to hoe since, in New York State, candidates for Supreme Court judgeships are not decided by party members but, in effect, by party bosses who appoint judicial delegates.

DelMonte has the support of Niagara County Chairman Nick Forster. However, since most of the population in the 8th Judicial District is in Erie Country, he will likely need the support of either Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner or independent Democrats such as Steve Pigeon and Frank Max who are running their own slates of judicial delegates.

DelMonte told the Reporter that he respects the concept of every person deserving their day in court.

He said if elected he would be a "listening judge," one who would not rush to judgment nor deprive defendants and plaintiffs the opportunity to fully present their cases.



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Mar 11, 2014