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Take It Straight to the Mayor

Mayor Dyster

Mayor Dyster is a hometown boy (one of the people)

The following is from an interview with Mayor Paul Dyster by the Buffalo Spree:

Spree: You list your home address and telephone number on your website. Do constituents come to your house or call you?

Dyster: Once in a great while they come over in person, but I do get a lot of phone calls at my house, especially during blizzards and other bad weather events.

Spree Why are they calling you?

Dyster: Because my number is out there and they feel like, "Hey, if I have a problem, why not go right to the top?"

Spree: What do people say?

Dyster: The plow hasn't come down my street yet. Things like that. One of the interesting things about Niagara Falls is that it's a small big city. Any type of urban problem, we've got that here, but on a smaller scale. We have Bloods and Crips. We have crack houses. But we're small enough that people think that if they've got a problem, they should be able to take it straight to the mayor.



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Mar 04, 2014