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Pipeline Reveals Cell Numbers of Water Board

Paul Drof
Ted Janese

Speaking of phone numbers, thanks to the website, niagarapipelines.com, people do not have to leave messages that will not be returned at the Niagara Falls Water Board. We have the Water Board executives' cell phone numbers.

Regarding the frozen water line problems in this city (a problem caused in part by the incompetence of the Water Board) the following is from niagarapipelines.com:

"It seems to be a recurring concern from people that they can't get any response from the Water Board. So the pipeline decided to take things into its own hands and turn a few valves and get some information for readers. Here you go: I have obtained the cell phone numbers for our out-of-town director and some of his staff and bosses at the Water Authority. They are as follows: Executive Director Paul Drof: 716-622-9201; Director of Infrastructure Mike Kessler: 716 425-6418; Chairman Ted Janese: 716-812-4239; Director of Technical Services Rick Roll: 716-123-4567; and Water Maintenance Manager Rich Rottella: 716-238-3411. So next time you have a problem call them directly and make them earn their money."



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Mar 04, 2014