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Drozdowski Leaves NACC After Six Weeks in Director's Role

Bob Drozdowski

Art of Beer Melds Public Money, Art, and the Mayor's Private Business

The Buffalo News reports that Bob Drozdowski, one time director of operations and marketing for the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center (NACC) who, in mid-January, was promoted to executive director, is leaving the publicly-subsidized, not-for-profit organization for a good, old-fashioned job in the private sector.

He told the News he is taking a sales job in Rochester.

Drozdowski, running counter to trend, will now be part of an increasingly shrinking portion of the nation that supports itself.

Congratulations Bob!

Drozdowski said he used to work in sales for the printing industry and has been looking to get back into a sales job.

Former Executive Director Kathie Kudela will return as NACC interim director.

The NACC, which operates out of an old school building on Pine and Portage, and rents abandoned classrooms as studios to businesses and individuals, has received nearly $900,000 in public funds thanks to Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster.

In addition to other earmarks, the $30,000 NACC received this year was used to fund the Art of Beer.

Last week, the NACC held its Art of Beer celebration, which prominently featured, as one of its main vendors, Mayor Dyster's personally-owned home brewing beer supply company, Niagara Traditions, in Tonawanda.



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Mar 04, 2014