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Memorial's New Wellness Center May Actually Cut Taxpayer Costs

By Frank Parlato

On the surface, the Niagara Wellness Connection Center appears to be another program that perpetuates the cycle of enablement - keeping people weak by making them more government dependent.

A closer examination, however, indicates this new, innovative Wellness Center may improve the health of many people who avail themselves of its services and cut taxpayer costs in the long run by getting people healthier - mentally and physically -and therefore less dependent on government.

For those who cannot gain the strength to be self-sufficient - who, because they are weak, must be supported by their hard working, stronger, fellow (taxpaying) citizens, at least these weaker ones should be better guided toward treatment in the new center.

That should be less costly to taxpayers and healthier for the patients/clients.

To cite an example, a non-self-sufficient individual who presently uses the emergency room in place of her primary care facility, will now be assigned and taken care of by a primary care physician. That will cost taxpayers less.

If that person also has a crippling drug addiction - for example, smoking cigarettes - she might find in this all-in-one Wellness Center the help she needs to quit the fatal addiction.

On top of that, gaining the strength to quit fatal, health destroying cigarettes might give her the confidence to get a job and be productive instead of taking from the mouths of the children of taxpayers who must work to support their own family, plus her and thousands of other weak Americans. In this, the country that produces the weakest of all people, a country that cannot afford its own government, (and sports shamelessly a $17 trillion deficit- as it borrows from China and other slave states of the world) she could become a force for strength. Just as she has taken from the people, she may now give back. She gets a job, she works; her taxes now go to feed, clothe and provide welfare to those who still are too weak to support themselves.

Healthier people are more productive and less government dependent. It is conceivable that if there were more Wellness Centers, there would be less sickness centers (see hospitals) and a lot less welfare.

Considering the vast amounts of money wasted by government on profligate plans meant only to enrich someone with special interests, Memorial's "Wellness" plan seems one of the more prudent ones devised. It is a rare instance of a not-for-profit organization using government money in contravention to their own income stream.

After all, they are a hospital. They get paid when people are sick.

Time will tell.

Come visit it and see what it has to offer.



Niagara Falls Reporter - Publisher Frank Parlato Jr. www.niagarafallsreporter.com

Jan 28, 2014