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Clarification: Piccirillo Not Seeking Raise But Willing to do More Work

After the publication of an article last week about the NFC, it was reported that the currently unfilled $58,000 position of the NFC director might be filled by one of several individuals.

One of the names being mentioned is Community Development Director Seth Piccirillo, who might add the tasks of the NFC director to his current, not entirely dissimilar duties.

Piccirillo told the Reporter that if he did accept the directorship of the NFC, he would not seek any additional salary including stipends, fees related to grant administration or overtime.

"No income enhancements related to NFC," Piccirillo said. "I do not receive overtime. If time is charged to a grant (the city) receive(s), federal or state, that (is used ) against my current salary, and does not increase it."

If Piccirillo took on the duties of the NFC directorship - the NFC made a total of five grants last year - less than one every two months, totaling about $60,000, Piccirillo, by doing the (part-time duties for free) would save taxpayers $58,000 plus benefits.

So, why pay someone $58,000 a year when someone in government will do it for no pay? Because Dyster is a spendaholic? Because in a Dyster city hall, the taxpayers' money is no object?

Still, a qualified man says he will do the job for free. A government employee is willing to do more work for no additional pay.

Where the hell did he come from?



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Jan 28, 2014