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Would You Believe...

Last week behind the Wheatfield IDA offices, near the airport, a tall, gaunt man in a trench coat was spotted walking about in the woods.

The people inside the building thought it was a little peculiar.

When the strange, seemingly enchanted man came out of the woods, and back towards the parking area, one of the women went outside to meet the tall and lean man and ask him if he was lost, or if there was anything she could do to help him.

It turned out the man was none other than Mayor Paul Dyster, who, with a wistful voice, and looking sad of eye, said he was in the woods that snowy day to see if he could spot the great White, or Snowy Owl, a bird that can be seen apparently only on rare occasions.

As partial confirmation of this significant fact, it was reported in the Buffalo News back in December that the Snowy Owl had been spotted in woodlands across the region.



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Jan 21, 2014