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Dyster Gets Down with Rappers at Doris Jones Resource Center Show

By Mike Hudson

He's got rhythm.

We're talking Mayor Paul "2 Chainz" Dyster, the "breakingest" chief executive to ever occupy Niagara Falls City Hall.

At a recent anti-bullying event held at the Doris Jones Resource Center, Dyster took to the stage with a gang of local rappers and tripped the light fantastic to an urban beat.

Actually what he did was make a fool out of himself in front of a bunch of children, children who now must believe that one of the top qualifications for being mayor here is to be something of a class clown.

Or classless clown, as the case may be.

Dyster's love of music is well known. He spent $654,000 of taxpayer money funding several years of concerts at the Hard Rock Cafe, a multi-billion dollar, multinational corporation wholly owned by the Seminole Nation of Indians in Florida.

He was permitted to have a say in which acts would appear, introduced the bands on the Hard Rock stage and partied with the musicians before and after their sets.

Visibly intoxicated at times, Dyster was praised by the mostly washed up musicians he overpaid to come to Niagara Falls.

The lead singer of the early 90s group Sugar Ray, Mark McGrath, told his small concert audience that Niagara Falls was a great place to visit, explaining, "Where else can you go where the mayor of the city comes backstage and does shots with you?"

The city paid the Hard Rock $40,000 to stage Sugar Ray, a band that is usually paid $15,000 per appearance.

The Niagara Falls City Council put an end to the Hard Rock concert series a year ago, but now that Dyster has a sympathetic council majority and a gob of loose casino cash lying around, there is talk of reinstating the program.

Dyster's awkward performance on the Doris Jones stage was much like the six years he's spent in office: geeky, fumbling and ultimately embarrassing.

But don't take my word for it. "Two Chainz" Dyster's entire routine was thoughtfully recorded for posterity on video and posted on Youtube.

You can watch it for yourself right here:




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Jan 21, 2014