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Dutch Sex Worker Would Come to Falls If She Could Work Legally

By Martine Naaktgeboren
(My professional name)

I read with interest your article on legalizing brothels in Niagara Falls as a means to increase population so as to keep your city population over 50,000 so as to please the city officials there who want to keep more of the U. S. federal tax money flowing into your city.

In our country prostitution is legal and the women who work in it do so because we like to and feel it is worthy of our efforts.

A study of your history reveals that prostitution was legal in your country until around 1915, when a busybody, bossy, tell-everyone-what-to-do group, named the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, pushed your weak-kneed men into making it illegal, just as they successfully made alcohol illegal.

Prostitution is a victimless crime where neither party files a complaint against the other.

Criminalization, however, has been unsuccessful in stopping prostitution, just as it was unsuccessful in stopping alcohol during your prohibition, or in stopping drug use during your dreadful war on drugs which has made you the prison capital of the world.

In Amsterdam, the legislators here being smarter than the juvenile Americans who make the laws of your nation, we realized that a form of legalized prostitution exists everywhere. In your country, for example, adults can have sex with any consenting adult(s) for free and they can trade and barter for sex as part of dating, courtship, marriage or friendship.

One can accept jewels, cars, housing, clothes and checks and have nuptial agreements - for (implied) sex.

However, if five dollars directly changes hands in direct return for sex, it is a crime.


Individuals must be responsible for their own acts and government should not intrude on what consenting adults agree upon.

Grow up America.

If an adult woman like myself wants to offer the services of sex for a fee and a customer wishes to pay for it, it should not be a crime. If you change the laws in Niagara Falls, I would consider moving there and starting my own business, offering my services to consenting gentlemen at fees commencing at $100 per half hour.

Perhaps some of those college graduates who were paid by your city to move to Niagara Falls in order to keep up your dwindling population could support my business.

I would undertake to assure you, that I would endeavor to keep them here after your two years of payments to bribe them to be here has expired.



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Jan 21, 2014