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Desperate and Dateless

I'm soft caring gentle sweet adorable cute loving affectionate balanced un- derstated and giving. Love to party as well as go out on dates now and then to get to know someone the right one. Can't emphasize enough how much maturity and a relaxed calm misdemeanor means to me. I am athletic as you can see. Contact Lewis.
I’m looking for a nice woman
with a lot of fabulosity. Something pretty spectaculous. Contact
Jimmy.That’s me with my
shirt off.
I will worship the ground you walk on, you are a Goddess. I am sane and safe. I'm looking to cuddle with someone. Watch a movie and relax on the couch. I've been single for awhile now. Not too Big/fat plz. Joe, (middle).
Some people say I look like
Michelle Obama. I like to travel and
do stuff. Contact me, ny name is Edie
So tired of weeding through trying to figure out who is serious, who is a player, who is lying, who is honest? I'm a brunette, independent, educated, nonsmoker, have a medium sized white dog and a small brown dog (picture
below). Just got out of a messiness where I didn’t know which ground was up even though its clear now. I like lonely walks on the beach by myself and my dog. It would be nice of you to join me sometime. I’ll be waiting. Rick (pictured by the shore)
Tall, dark, with an intense expression. Red hair and
nose. Some people say I look like someone they
know. I’m Jeb, pictured in middle.



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Nov 19, 2013