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He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Polancarz permits taxpayers to pay burden for lightweight brother

Mark Polancarz takes care of his brother.
Robb Polancarz needed a job.

Polancarz permits taxpayers to pay

burden for lightweight brother

As was reported first in the Buffalo News, Robb M. Polancarz, the younger brother of Erie County Executive Mark C. Poloncarz, got a job last week with the Erie County Board of Elections.

As of press time, no one could say precisely what the younger Polancarz will do.

Dennis Ward, Democratic commissioner of the Erie County Board of Elections (BOE), could not specify what Robb would do, or what his job title was, when asked by the Buffalo News.

Apparently, Robb will do something after they train him for they know not what.

The younger Polancarz, who got hired in August 2012 to a $55,132 per year job at the Erie County Water Authority, had to be fired in November since he scored poorly on a civil service exam, something even his brother could not get waived for him.

His position at the Water Authority was called a "contract monitor" and there had been no one needed at that job for years until Robb needed work.

The job supposedly required familiarity with how the water industry works and duties included monitoring contracts, analyzing market conditions and regulatory processes affecting the water industry, monitoring projects, evaluating compliance with regulations and contract provisions, consulting with department heads on acquisition of property and granting contracts, all of which the county executive's younger brother had no known qualifications to do.

His previous job did require work with water, primarily when washing his hands before and after handling food as a "chef" at Wegmans Food Markets.

Thankfully, for young Polancarz, before the voters of this county saw fit to oust them, the Democratic majority in the County Legislature approved older brother Mark's 2014 county spending plan that authorized a $338,000 increase in salary and fringe benefits at the Board of Elections.

New jobs, raises and take my brother, please.

Was it a quid pro quo?

The older brother secures an increase in spending at the BOE, which later hires his recently fired brother.

When Mark C. Polancarz was sworn in as Erie County Executive on Jan. 1, 2012, he promised, "job number one for my administration will be promoting job creation."

Starting with his brother.



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Jan 07, 2014