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Gay-Based Internet Ad for Obamacare

Yes, this is real: This is how Obama's friends are selling you on Obamacare
These silly stereotypes are what the Obama folks want you to buy into...

Partially Funded by Big Business

As viewers of internet propaganda may already know, a campaign called Out2Enroll produced a Christmas themed, homosexually-based commercial called "Get Enrolled," to support the Affordable Care Act, known popularly as Obamacare.

The gay Obamacare commercial is tagged as a "Full Frontal Freedom Production," and features semi-nude men in Santa Claus hats and reindeer antlers sucking peppermint sticks while prancing about and embracing one another in their underwear as they decorate a Christmas tree and set out holiday stockings.

Because of the widespread unpopularity with the Affordable Care Act, advocacy groups have been producing these kinds of commercials to target the young adult demographic. So far, Obamacare's meager enrollment numbers have come primarily from older, poorer recipients whose coverage leads to higher premiums for everyone else.

The Out2Enroll website advises: "If you are a transgender person.Depending on your plan. services may. include surgical procedures related to gender transition."

Out2Enroll is funded in part by the Center for American Progress, an organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., founded by John Podesta who works for President Barrack Obama as a special advisor.

Among the donors to the Center of American Progress are Blue Cross Blue Shield, CVS Caremark, Quest Diagnostics, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Visa and Blackstone. General Electric, Toyota, BMW Apple, Google and Facebook.

So why would big companies support an anti freedom, pro-big-government organization like the Center of American Progress? According to the Wall Street Journal, commenting on this, "Fortune 500 CEOs are pragmatists who will do what it takes so their companies can co-exist with big government. Depending on big business to defend freedom and free markets is a fool's errand. That cause will have to be carried by individual Americans and this newspaper.

"Meanwhile, keep Mr. Podesta's donor list in mind the next time a liberal talks about corporations opposing government power. Lenin was closer to the truth when he said 'business leaders would sell government the rope to hang them.'"

Meanwhile, some gays are offended by the ad itself.

Gregory Angelo, executive director of The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization made up of gay members of the GOP, ripped the advertisement as a warped stereotype. The ad, he said, propagates the idea that gays are "nothing more than sex-crazed lechers."

"If anyone on the right made such a comparison," he said, "liberals would be apoplectic."

"At a time when leftwing propagandists are decrying Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for equating homosexuality with promiscuity and deviance," he said, Out2Enroll "should take a look in the mirror and ask if the truth is that they are the ones responsible for promoting such harmful stereotypes."

In any case, as Christopher Agee, for the Western Center for Journalism, writes, "Robertson's message of Christian love and hope is far more respectful than this video's portrayal of undressed men cavorting with each other while hawking a disastrous healthcare law."



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Jan 07, 2014