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Don't Let Prostitutes Use Your Pickup Truck!

If you should happen to hire a prostitute for a Friday night encounter, a word to the wise: Don't let her borrow your pickup truck.

Furthermore, if you do lend your pickup truck to a prostitute and she happens to get into a hit-and-run accident, don't lie to police about the truck being stolen.

That's the hard lesson Kevin P. Elinski, 48, of Orchard Park, learned when he was arrested Saturday by Orchard Park police for falsely reporting an incident and third-degree patronizing a prostitute.

Police say Elinski let the sex worker use his vehicle late Friday or early Saturday. On Saturday morning she was involved in a hit-and-run accident with another vehicle in Cheektowaga. The accident resulted in minor injuries.

Police said Elinski reported the unauthorized use of his 2003 Chevrolet pickup, despite knowing it had been in the Cheektowaga crash.

Elinski was released after posting $200 bail (which is probably more than he paid for the call girl). He is due back in court on March 4th.

Orchard Park and Cheektowaga police are investigating the incident further.



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Feb 25, 2014