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Desperate and Dateless

I'm a ferocious instigator looking to postpoculate with a single woman of honorable intent. My name's Willis, I'd be happy to send you my phone number, photo, pics, bio, food preferences, animal preferences, sleep sched- ule or whatever you'd like. The fishing has been rather poor lately. This is a pretty recent shot, cause I hate those people who put like 10 year old pics of themselves.
Hello. Greetings are probably redundant on such a site as this. My intentions? I suppose that must be obvious from the nature of the subscription; surely, if you have to ask about that, you are probably a moron. I have been single, by all possible accounts for five years now, voluntarily and involun- tarily. What do I want? Obviously, a female, to occupy a portion of my life, and eventually dwell , happily or unhappily in my domicile. I promise very little happiness, I never socialize, drink, attend theatres, concerts, plays, bbq or whatever pedestrian diversion you probably had in mind. Contact me and I will inform you if you are worthy of my selection.
Hi, I'm Cyndy Lou and I got two of 'em. As you can see I love to fish and if you do too, write me. I'm 24
What's up stuck ups? I'm Winkle. I can't ever to seem to get a break . I'm down for all sortsa action and I can be crazy sometimes especially if im with someone whos gotta a bit of the ol crazy in them . Im a woman hunter, o lovemaker, a heartbreaker, reckless endangerment, outta sight swinger mambo jambo with a breeze hot floatin. As long as you aint down on dudes who need a buck or too, I can happen up ur lifestyle. I won't be here for long (Im hopin but doubtin) That's me holding the flower.
I'm a instigator ferociously seeking to prepoculate with a lady of intent. My name's Willie, Send me your phone number, photo, pics, bio, food preferences, animal preferences, sleep schedule or whatever you'd like. Tired of waking up in this cell.
All u guyz who keep messaging me with all the stupid "Hey, hi, hi beautiful, whats ur name' try something original! And so tired of stalkers. Anyway, I'm free this Friday and will be looking for a date, but nothing serious. I am looking for a serious relationship but only if it's fun and in a casual way in the beginning and nothing too serious; I've been hurt before and definitely don't want to go down that again? Message me if ur for real. Kaylee. At the end of the day, I wish someone would teach me how to fish and be always trying to get their hooks into me.
Hi, I'm cindy... I'm looking for someone that can be myself, completely, through n through but it's like it never happens. I'll find someone and they just Bam disappear. I'm not picky but I like a guy who's tall, 6"4-6'8, red hair or blonde or brown, wears khakis on weekdays, likes fish on fridays, between the ages of 22-25, makes at least $150k per year, loves kids but doesn't have any, loves dogs but doesn't have any, wants to be in a long long long long relationship with me. If u r anything less, I'll delete u.



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Feb18, 2014