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This Week in Stupid Crime

18th Street gunplay

Niagara Falls Police Department officers respond to report of a man with a gun on the 400 block of 18th Street only to find a guy with a knife instead.

Police were on high alert following an abrupt 911 call reporting a man with a gun on the front porch of a Niagara Falls residence. Cops approached the scene with pistols drawn when a suspicious looking character emerged from behind the residence with his hands in his pockets.

However, it turned out the guy didn't have a gun at all, just an old kitchen knife he said he found by the side of the house.

Upon interviewing the residents, police discovered that one of them, William Rose, had an arrest warrant against him on an old domestic violence beef.

Rose, who denied making the 911 call, was taken into custody. The man with the knife was let go. Later, when the 911 call was replayed, police said, the voice on the tape was unquestionably Rose's.


Shoplifter charged

Meanwhile, on Military Road, a guy named Joshua Herbig walked through the self-checkout aisle at Wal-Mart without scanning $156.92 worth of merchandise.

He was uncooperative with store security, but became compliant when the police arrived. Cops said Herbig, who had no identification, claimed his wife had scanned the merchandise but left the store with his ID when their two-year-old child began acting up.

Later, at the police station, Herbig's wife showed up with his identification. Herbig was then released on his own recognizance pending a court date.


Move turns sour

A woman who was evicted from her Ninth Street apartment and found new digs on Ninth Street was in the process of moving when someone stole a large screen television set and a Play Station unit from her former apartment.

Together, the items were valued at $2,400.

Police said there were no witnesses to the theft and there are no suspects at this time.


Shots fired

Police were called to a 92nd Street location in response to a report of shots fired one night recently. Upon arrival they found and detained two individuals who they suspected might have had something to do with the shooting. The individuals were intoxicated and uncooperative.

One of the guys said that some armed men in a Chevy Monte Carlo drove by and fired five shots at them. Neither was hit, but both men were sick from drinking and one began to vomit.

No one was arrested.


Needed beauty supplies

At five feet, six inches tall and weighing 214 pounds, Adreienne Chambers needed all the help she could get, beauty wise. So she went to Sally Beauty Supply on Niagara Falls Boulevard with her two young children and began stealing as much as she could, police said.

When the cops arrived, they found $47 worth of merchandise stuffed up Adreienne's sleeves and in her purse. She was arrested and charged with shoplifting and endangering the welfare of a child and taken to jail.

Police allowed Chambers to call her boyfriend, who came and picked up the kids.


Armed robbery here

A man was driving down Orleans Avenue when a purple Jeep pulled up beside him. In the passenger seat of the Jeep sat a black male armed with a handgun, which he pointed at the victim, police said.

The gunman ordered the victim to get out of the car. The victim complied and was held at gunpoint while the perpetrator relieved him of his watch and $50 in cash.

While he didn't know the model of the Jeep, the victim told cops that it had a spare tire mounted on the back that displayed the Jeep logo. That, and the fact that the vehicle was purple, provided police with a fairly good starting point for their investigation.



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Feb 11, 2014