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Letters to the editor

Where in the world is Tom DeSantis?

I read last week's story about the city planner Tom DeSantis doing his international globetrotting on city time. Are you kidding me? Niagara Falls taxpayers have trouble traveling from one end of this city to the other because of potholes and broken highway and this city employee (who is Mayor Dyster's right hand man and chauffeur) is constantly leaving us all behind (busted roads, high taxes and all) so he can jet to Europe on our dime! It's really upsetting and deserves an investigation.

What is he doing in Europe anyway? We know what he claims he was doing in Europe but can anyone find out what he was really doing in England, the Netherlands and Germany? After all, we footed his travel bills.

Jeffrey Watson

Niagara Falls


City planner stars in European Vacation

All this time we thought our mayor was the international man of intrigue. But last week the Reporter told us that the real shaker and mover for intercontinental travel is city planner Tom DeSantis. His travel log made me nauseous since he hit some major tourism destinations like England, Germany and the Netherlands - places we would all like to visit but could never afford. All this costly travel isn't a problem in Dyster's city hall because the taxpayers at the local, state and federal level are chipping in to give Tom DeSantis his European Vacation.

City Planner for Niagara Falls? It's nice work if you can get it.

Gina Marino

Niagara Falls


Any Readers Know About This?

I am a native of Niagara Falls, a 1961 graduate of LaSalle, living in sunny Alabama since 1989. I look forward to the Niagara Falls Reporter online each week. I often search the internet for historical information about Niagara Falls. I recently discovered some old news pieces about Pineacres, a Federal housing project which existed during World War II around 64th Street. Notably, there was a murder there in 1944, allegedly committed by Robert W. Barnes. I was not able to find much more about Pineacres.

I had never heard of Pineacres, although I lived in the area for over 40 years. Perhaps you would be interested in researching this topic and writing a story based on it.


John Hazel


Fan of Casino Story

I read your article entitled: Choice of Seneca Gaming as 'Admired Company' Is Puzzling Given Predatory Nature of Casinos. Job well done.

Sadly, New York's elected/appointed servants are lying to the citizenry of New York. For the Governor to take "unilateral action" to cede land from the State of New York to the Federal Government via a 'back-door' Bureau of Indian Affairs-Department of the Interior-'land-to-trust' hoax is in contravention of New York's U.S. Constitutional protections from such "unilateral action."

First, I refer you our U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. Secondly, this excerpted text regarding New York's constitution RE 1952-or even a 2013 Constitution-from the attachment. Third, an additional excerpted text from the above attachment at paragraphs 46 and 47 is explicit when it comes to 'unilateral action' by the National Government to 'seize' land in a sovereign state.

I encourage you to do your own investigation.

Don't let the citizenry of New York be 'dumbed-down' as 'gullible' citizens. Every citizen in New York merits knowing what is being done by elected/appointed servants. Ask the question. Demand these elected/appointed servants present the proclamation ratified by the voting citizens of the United States that amends our US Constitution to make a select group of New York citizens '...distinguishable...' '...capacities...' (Osborn, supra posted below) their health, welfare, safety and benefits because of their "Indian ancestry/race?" A reminder, as of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, there are no more "Indians" within the original meaning of our U.S. Constitution...only U.S./New York citizens with "Indian ancestry/race!"


Paul R. Jones

Federal Indian Programs Consultant and Researcher



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Feb 11, 2014