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Mayor Dyster Deserves Praise for Being Able to Take a Hit

The Niagara Falls Reporter has been waiting for six years to write something nice about Mayor Paul Dyster and this week it finally can.

Apropos of the subject of a prominent woman in Lewiston stealing our newspapers, we can confidently say Mayor Paul Dyster did not do it.

Other mayors have, we know for a fact, and we have written about other mayors literally stealing our newspapers in city hall.

But not Dyster, who, if nothing else, has taken some of our hardest shots, week in and week out.

He is a believer in the First Amendment.

How do we know this?

We monitor the papers dropped at city hall and elsewhere, and we have observed that they never disappear abruptly when he is the focus - no matter how hard he is criticized.

We notice that when certain others are mentioned at city hall, the papers do disappear - right into the trash can. Of course, we quickly replace the "lost" papers.

For the ability to take a hit and not flinch and to not do the cheap thing and throw out something he doesn't like, we praise Paul Dyster.

He is one tough hombre.



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Feb 04, 2014