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Covanta Clarification story

Covanta Clarification Last week on page 11 of the Niagara Falls Reporter, we published a picture of the signage in front of the Covanta Plant where a smokestack was seen in the background. This naturally led readers to assume that the smokestack was the one mentioned in our story about how Covanta was fined $67,500 for building a 190-foot smokestack without getting a permit.

The Covanta sign is actually located on 56th street, at the corner of Energy Boulevard, the main access road to Covanta. Niagara Generation is located at the Western end of Frontier Avenue, the next street over, and not accessible from Energy Boulevard. It was however their smokestack seen in the picture.

The smokestack that Covanta Niagara built without a permit is almost as high as the Seneca hotel.



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Feb 04, 2014