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It Pays to Advertise!

By Dr. Chitra Selvaraj

Anthony Paretto

Robert Restaino

Carmelette Rotella

Vincent Cancemi

What do these four people have in common? They all advertised in the Reporter.

It could be a coincidence, but of six candidates who ran for 2 seats on the Niagara Falls School Board last week, only Anthony Paretto considered it worthwhile to explain his candidacy through an advertisement in the Niagara Falls Reporter.

He was the high vote getter of the six.

The other five chose not to run ads.

Four of those - including two long-term incumbents - Don King and Kevin Dobbs - won't be on the school board. One candidate, Michael Gawel set up no less than three appointments to meet to place an ad and stiffed our rep on all three occasions.

Gawel came in dead last.

A year ago, one of two candidates, James Cancemi advertised. He defeated his opponent, Joseph Marinello Jr.

The year before that, two of five candidates invested with multiple advertisements: They were Carmelette Rotella and Robert Restaino. Both won.

Those who did not were Marinello, Rev. Duane Thomas and Jeanette Stypa.

Over the last three years, each of 4 candidates that advertised was elected, and eight out of 9 who did not advertise lost.

It could be pure coincidence, but I like the odds.



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May 28, 2013