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Zajac to Challenge Virtuoso for Legislature seat

Zajac reviewing county budget documents.

Dennis Virtuoso veteran lawmaker faces challenge in November.

Niagara Falls resident David J. Zajac, a Republican, announced his intention to run against longtime incumbent Democrat Dennis Virtuoso for the 6th District legislative seat in this year’s election.

The district is located exclusively in Niagara Falls and has a  better than two-to-one Democratic plurality.

Zajac, 22, recently graduated from Erie Community College with an associate’s degree in criminal justice/law enforcement. He works for the Niagara Falls Board of Education as a safety officer.

A first-time candidate for public office, Zajac says he is focused on quality of life issues as well as improving the business climate in the community.

Zajac said he believes that cultivating a positive business atmosphere will lead to more private capital investment in the city, which will translate into more job opportunities for the people of Niagara Falls.

“It is time to put people before politics,” he said. “My family’s business, Zajac Funeral Home, has been serving the people of this city since 1949. I learned at a very young age that small business is the heart and soul of this community.”

Zajac said he wants to work closely with the Niagara County Department of Economic Development if he’s elected to represent his neighbors in county government.

“I will work tirelessly to improve the business climate in Niagara Falls so the men and women of this community who’ve invested in this city can thrive,” Zajac said. “I believe that creating a welcoming atmosphere for new families to come invest in our city is just as significant.”

With his recently earned degree in criminal justice and employment as a safety officer, Zajac intends to work closely with city, state, and federal officials to address rising crime issues as well as housing blight in the city.

“Niagara Falls is a wonderful city with great history,” said Zajac. “Unfortunately, our housing stock has been allowed to deteriorate at an extremely alarming rate. This has created a ripple effect throughout much of our city that has led to higher crime rates, increased drug activity, and more sex offenders living in Niagara Falls.”

Zajac said that the quality of life issues are the result of afailure of local government and a betrayal of local residents. “Nobody deserves to feel as though they cannot safely walk their neighborhood at any time of day or sleep peacefully at night,” he said.

Zajac said he believes better days are ahead if strong leaders are elected.

“When tough times knock you down you must simply get back up, brush yourself off, and push forward…” he said. “I want to be part of the revitalization of Niagara Falls.”

Zajac's opponent, Virtuoso, recently announced he will run for re-election and is employed as the acting director of Code Enforcement for the city of Niagara Falls.



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May 21, 2013