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Wayside Nursery- 45 Years and still going strong...

By Moose, Jr.

Phillip Rotella, Sr. started Wayside Nursery.

(L-R): Rachel Rotella Glassner, Michael Rotella and Julie Rotella standing amidst Henry Studio Concrete products for the lawn and garden.

The Discovery Center was one of Wayside's commercial projects.

An example of a residential landscaping project by Wayside.

A view of some of the high quality plant material at Wayside.

Phil Rotella Sr. was no stranger to hard work and getting his hands dirty. He started with just a shovel and a pickup truck.

He turned that hard work into a blossoming landscaping and gardening business called Wayside Nursery in 1968 with his wife Jenine. Phil and Jenine had seven children and all of them worked at one time or another for Wayside Nursery.

In fact, when Phil passed away two years ago, his son Michael and daughters, Rachael and Julie, took over the  store without missing a beat.

Wayside Nursery is a commercial and residential full service retail Garden Center with a complete line of shrubbery, flowers, patio trees and top soil. Wayside carriesa very high quality plant material and has a staff of 12 landscapers with a heavy resume of projects completed.

Wayside Nursery has worked on the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, the Darwin-Martin House, taking care of the paving work and landscaping. Other projects include the Niagara Gorge Trail Project, the Discovery Center, The Water Intake Landscape Project, Schoellkopf Park, Old Falls Blvd., Lewiston Rd., John B. Daley Blvd., and too many other successful projects to mention.

In addition to flowers and trees, Wayside Nursery is the only authorized Uni-Lock Dealer in Niagara Falls. They sell top quality gardening equipment, tools, Henry Studio Concrete Products (the top quality concrete in the biz), and an extensive selection of foundations and decorative statuary. They offer a large selection of solutions to remove all unwanted pests, insecticides, and disease control products to enhance your garden and lawn.



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May 21, 2013