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Darro Advocates for Senecas on Radio Show

Get beauty product with no tax at Seneca Casino

$20 bill will cover costs; no tax.

Same price everywhere, but at Seneca Casino, pay no tax.

Same products, different price. Bet- ter deal at casino with their unfair tax advantage.

Maybe he's right.

But it did strike several of our readers who listen to the dulcet tones of WJJL radio host Tom Darro, when both he and his wife, Ann Marie, told listeners that they could save money if they purchased products from the Senecas instead of buying the same products at American owned stores.

You save the sales tax, Ann Marie explained as she went into ecstasy over the new line of product the Senecas' bath and body works store offers.

"This is a franchise," she said. "They can't raise their prices so you are guaranteed that their prices are cheaper because you don't pay any taxes."

It is true.

Crabtree and Evelyn beauty products are now available at the Seneca Nation in Niagara Falls and, as Ann Marie and hubby Tom explained, Crabtree and Evelyn set the prices and, so, wherever you go, you pay the same price for their products.

The savings, the couple explained, in the sovereign nation of the Senecas, is in the sales tax you don't pay. At American stores where Crabtree are sold, such as at the Galleria Mall, buyers have to pay sales tax.And on top of that, the foolish Americans also pay state income and property taxes, but that is another matter.

Mrs. Darro, who happens also to be an employee of the casino, might have mentioned that one could also stop for a snack, a coffee, a donut or a sandwich at Tim Hortons in the casino.

Why should one go to the Tim Hortons on Pine Avenue, when they can go to the Seneca Tim Hortons and save the taxes?

Or you could shop at the Sky Boutique, Swarovski Crystal Boutique, Seasons, The NewsStand, Yankee Candle, EQ Movado, Watson's Chocolates, or TEN.

You may eat tax free at - Blues Burger Bar, Koi Noodle Bar, Three Sisters Café, Thunder Falls Buffet, The Western Door Steak house, La Cascata, Koi Asian Cuisine, Morrie's Express, Cold Stone Creamery and drink tax free (and freely smoke inside too) at the Chairman's Lounge, Club 101 or Aces.

Taking the Darro's advice, I bought a $20 Crabtree and Evelyn product, saving $1.60 in sales tax then had a $20 lunch at Tim Horton's saving another $1.60.

With the unlevel playing field and the sales of more and more new products- they have planned a gas station and convenience store- the Senecas will be able to successfully compete, if not crush the American-owned, highly taxed, over-regulated businesses which are next door.

Tom Darro has broken new ground. For the first time that I know,  a radio show is advertising that Seneca casino stores are tax-free and therefore a superior place to shop.

People go for miles to get tax-free cigarettes and gas and across state lines for tax-free clothing. Now we have a growing number of tax-free stores right next to our taxpaying ones.

I wonder if the Senecas will one day open their own radio station.  How about that, Tom?

When reached for comment Darro told the Reporter that his "program is an opinion program," adding that his wife, Ann Marie, makes reference to new business regularly on the show, "If she sees something, as a woman, she thinks other women might be interested in she talks about it. This is the first time I believe she has made reference to any business in the casino. She mentioned it because she uses the (Crabtree) product."




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May 21, 2013